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Google OAuth setup
Google OAuth setup

one click gmail set up

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This article is for a feature to allow you connect a gmail account using OAuth which let's you more easily connect gmail accounts.

If you're looking for how to connect a gmail account using an app password, this is the article you're looking for:

Google has recently become a lot more aggressive about the allowed types of applications that use the Gmail API. With this set up, you'll be able to (with some configuration) create up to 100 email senders in Super Send.

select the internal user type. Or you can create an external app and leave it in test mode.

  • Test Mode / External = you have to manually enter (on the google side) which emails are allowed to use this authentication. You are allowed up to 100.

  • Internal = anyone with an email for your domain will be allowed to connect their gmail account to Super Send.

2. Add as the authorized domain.

3. Set the scopes as follows

you'll need to Manually add scopes and enter in


Your scope should look like this:

4. Now go to credentials

click create credentials and select OAuth client ID

Set your OAuth client ID form to look like this:

It's a Web Application

you can name it whatever you'd like

Authorized Javascript origins are

authorized redirect url is

Once you have reached this point. Click download JSON and you are nearly ready to upload it to Super Send!

The next step is to enable the gmail api here:

Ok good job, that should be it on the Google side.

Now that you have this .json file. You need to upload it to Super Send. If you go to the admin page, and click on the Teams tab, you can upload this .json file to one or many teams. The reason they are separated by Teams is that many agencies use Teams to delineate between different customers.

The Edit button will open a dialog box that will allow you to upload your .json file.

Finally! All the setup is complete. When you go to add a Sender you will now have this button appear:

Clicking on this button will ask you for permissions to modify your gmail account. What's nice is that actually you are 100% in control. You can revoke access at any time for your entire organization with ease.

But now it's 10x easier to connect a gmail account :)

Be sure to send a test email to make sure everything is looking good!

Happy Sending!


Add Test Users:

If you want to add more email accounts with only 1 oauth setup you can make the app external.

add test users here:

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