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Inbox Rotation
Inbox Rotation
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In Super Send, you can assigned multiple email senders to a single campaign.

In this example, let's say we have 3 senders, 3 leads, and a sequence that looks like this:

Basically each lead get's assigned one of our 3 email senders. Every follow up, a/b/ test, etc comes from the same sender. So if you're sending to Prospect A, and they receive their first email from [email protected] then all subsequent emails to Prospect A will be from the same email address.

We make an effort to assign them equally and randomly. So for example if you have 3 email senders with 20 max emails per day, the campaign would send a max of 60 (20 * 3). If 100% of those emails were to new leads just starting the sequence, then roughly at the end of the day we'd have 60 emails sent, 20 from each of the emails.

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