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AI Subject And Body Writers
AI Subject And Body Writers
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To begin using the AI writers, you can either start by opening the email node

  1. Create a sequence and add an email node by dragging and dropping an email node into your sequence.

  2. Click edit on the email node

  3. Write a subject line. The AI writer is more like a re-writer. It will take what you have written and give you variations on it which you can either use or ignore

  4. Write your email body. The AI writer will similarly give you 3 options to chose from.

The other way is to create a new sequence, and use the AI Sequence Generator.

  1. Create A New Campaign - Either from the dashboard or the admin page

  2. Enter a campaign name and click Create And Go To Sequence Generator

  3. You will then be asked a series of questions and Super Send will use your responses to generate a 3-step email sequence.

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