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Hubspot Integration
Hubspot Integration
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For every email sent in Super Send, this integration will:

  • create the contact if it does not exist in Hubspot

  • add the email with full html of what was sent at the exact time

For all other messages like Twitter or Linkedin, we will add the activity as a note for that contact:

To set up the integration follow the step by step instructions here:

in the UI in Super Send, you put your token on the integrations page:

There are only two options.

Import All Contacts

All contacts will be imported into this Super Send campaign every hour

Update Contacts In Hubspot

all events will be synced with your crm in hubspot. if a contact does not exist in hubspot, it will be created.

We store emails as emails in Hubspot and every other message as a note.

  • our API keys will need the ability to write to hubspot. If data isn't syncing, check your Hubspot api key permissions. See the image below for the correct permissions

Happy Sending!

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