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Add A LinkedIn Account
Add A LinkedIn Account
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You can connect a Linkedin Account via Super Send Safe Proxy (recommended way, uses dedicated IP from 5 different locations, less prone to disconnections) or the chrome extension.

Method 1: Via Safe Proxy (Recommended way, more stable)

Method 2: Via Chrome extension (Faster to setup)

More prone to disconnection issues

Download our chrome extension:

Once you log in to linkedin, it will grab the credentials of whomever you are currently logged in as.

If you need to attach more than one profile, try chrome profiles to add multiple users.

You do not need to keep the web browser open for the linkedin automation to work.

The chrome extension works best when you're constantly logged in as one LinkedIn user and do not log out frequently (if ever).

We will show you stats when a user accepts your connection request.

Try to limit linkedin automation to 20 per day. LinkedIn is really strict about automation

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